November 22, 2007

I Prefer The Matched Set

Have you ever seen a couple together and they just don’t look like they match: one is stylish and the other looks like he’s still living in the ‘70’s, one is obese and the other is athletic, or one takes great care with his appearance and the other one looks like a dumpy housewife?

Please enter the realm of “gayle-phobias”.

My husband is this 6’4”, athletic, studmuffin. I could hold my own with him when we were first together but the minute that ring slipped onto my finger something happened….four times in a row.

For the next 8 years I was either gaining 50 lbs with a pregnancy or nursing for a year after, or walking around with a jiggly belly that some baby had just popped out of. I managed to bounce back to “presentable” after the last baby was born, but those 8 years were filled with all kinds of unmatched moments where, I’m sure, people pitied that handsome man and his dumpy wife.

But time took its toll and eventually my husband packed on a few pounds. And I was happy with our mutual pudginess. (Insert evil laughter here.) We finally matched and I didn’t have to lift one weight to do it.

But my happiness was short lived.

He decided that cellulite didn’t look so hot on him and he put on his running shoes and left me alone with the package of Oreo’s as he ran off into the sunset every night to work it off.

I should have been happy for him but I’ve learned that cellulite likes company and so now me and my celly sit at home eating bowls of ice-cream and waving goodbye to Chris.

All alone.

So sad.

So our Thanksgiving morning was spent cheering on my once-again firm, athletic and studmuffinly handsome husband as he ran his first 5K race.

My darn camera has a slow shutter time so this is the finish line that he just crossed. Can you believe I didn't actually get the crossing picture? Argh!

He finished at 31 minutes!


Chris said...


A good woman is hard to find, and worth more than diamonds. I trust you without reserve, and in 13 years have never had reason to regret it. You treat me generously.

You shop around for bargains, enjoy knitting and sewing. You're like a trading ship that sails the world and brings back surprises from e-bay, paperback swap, and craigslist.

Your up before dawn, prepare breakfast for our family, and organize your day. You look over the internet and buy a website, then, with money you've put aside, start an online store.

First thing in the morning you shower and dress for work, roll up your sleeves, eager to get started. You sense the worth of your work as a home manager, home educator, and husband helper, You're in no hurry to call it quits until way after dark. You're skilled in the crafts of "home and hearth." You're a diligent home maker.

Your quick to assist people in need, You don't worry about your family when it snows, you get winter clothes from the attic and make sure they are ready to wear.

You make colorful clothing. You design them and sell them at local craft shows and on the world wide web.

You have a great attitude and smile. When you write and speak you have quick whit, practical wisdom and something worthwhile to say. You know how to get to the heart of a matter and discern the funky stuff.

You keep an eye on everyone in our household, and keep the kids busy and productive and help me do the same. Our children love and admire you...Darling.

Many women have done wonderful things; but you outclass them all!

Botox is misleading, breastplants and facelifts soon fade away. But you are a woman who is admired... and are a good wife and a woman who fears the Lord.

I love you.


Dana said...


I saw that you shared some similar interests as me, and thought you would be interested in my blog dedicated to women's health and fitness.

Anyway, I hope to see you reading soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Dana

Halfmoon Girl said...

oh my goodness- that is the most wonderful comment that I have ever read! You are the Proverbs 31 wife and very much loved by your hubby.

Rachelle said...

I was going to comment on your post, but your hubby just left me in a puddle of tears. That is quite possibly my favorite version of Prov. 31 ever.

Rhen ( said...

After reading your post and your hubbys response I say you two are perfectly matched. God knows what He is doing!!

It is just wonderful my friend.

Emily said...

you're matched in every way my beautiful friend.

Cindy said...

I'm thinking you two are a pretty darn good pair.

He just got some mega points from me there. Wow.

Gayle said...

Well, I was going to come on here to give you a huge pep talk after your being hard on yourself, but I see your hubs did it ever so much better.

ConservaChick said...

Oh that was way too sweet!
Honestly Gayle. I understand what you are saying here. If my Chris starts getting all fit on me, I get a little nervous and start baking him pies. Sure, I want him to be healthy... just not flab free... unless I am too. And truly, if the hubby is on a health kick, who's gonna run to the store and get me ice cream at midnight? Yeah, it's a no win situation. My advice? Whip out that cook book and make something fatty. ~K

PS. I never claim to take the higher ground.

EE said...

OMG...I have been complaining about the same thing!!
My husband is now thinner than he's been since we met, and is getting more handsome with that prematurely greying hair...while I am getting fatter and more wrinkly.
It really sucks sometimes!!!

PS Love what your husband wrote...he's a keeper!

randi---i have to say said...

You sound like a perfectly matched set to me!

Congrats to your hubs on his 5K!

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