December 27, 2007

The Christmas Eve Children's Program That Almost Was

Isn’t it adorable when our kids get to perform? Gabe who’s 4, had his first opportunity to stand on a stage and sing his little heart out on Christmas Eve at church.

In November he was sent home with a CD with two whole songs on it; Jingle Bells, and Away in a Manger. We listened to it day and night until my eyes were crossed and I was singing the “batman smells” version out of pure spite.

A week before Christmas we were told that he should wear his pajamas on the big night as the kids were going to be singing their songs as a “pajama choir.”

Since the kid lives in only his underwear all day long, I figured that’s more clothes than he wears on any given day so pajamas should go over real well.


Christmas Eve arrived and we pulled out his pajamas, wrestled them on to his body and drove to church. We marched him up to his class and found some good front row seats. We checked the camera batteries and eagerly awaited his arrival.

Finally, out comes a bunch of cuties in their PJ’s with Gabe at the front of the line. We got out our camera, and waited with huge smiles on our faces.

We truly had the best seats in the house.

But the minute he took the first step onto the stage he froze. Hmmm…. Kind of like his mommy. The whole line of pajama clad midgets came to a crashing halt as Gabriel looked at his teacher and shook his head saying, “No way!”

I have to give her a pat on the back. She tried with all her might, with hundreds of people watching to get my stubborn little boy to walk onto that big scary stage. But she finally caught my eye in the most polite version of, “Please come get your kid before I lose it!” and Gabe spent the evening watching all of his friends sing an off key version of Jingle Bells from the safety of my lap.

You can see that he was still a little traumatized afterwards.


Anonymous said...

He is very cute. You never know what to expect from the Christmas plays. I love when the kids are so funny. Mommy's lap is always more fun than the stage;)

Jimmie said...

Pajama choir? That's just odd to me. No wonder the boy freaked!

But his PJs are totally cool! :-)

Big Red Driver said...

I understand stage freight!! A mommy's lap is so so much safer.

Sarah said...

Wow! That happens to other people, too? There IS comfort in blogging, isn't there? (But this year, THIS year, each child performed as required. Phew.)

Gayle said...

Bless his heart!!! ROFLOL! He's no dummy...

raymondm said...

awww, that was cute.
but i guess he needs to work on that stage fright.
Try getting him to sing or recite at home in front of family members and build up his courage.

Veronica Mitchell said...

The last time my little girl tried to sing in front of the church, she danced around so much I was afraid she was going to fall off the platform. I spent the whole time on the edge of my seat, ready to race up there.

I like your way much better.

EE said...

LOL! I don't blame him a bit!
At my daughter's first Christmas program, she was so scared that she pulled her dress up over her head. Thank God she had on tights!

Gayle said...

I am so bummed out that I am missing out with y'all. Seriously.
I really was making an effort to come, but my Grandma has been in the hospital (not doing very well), so I knew it wouldn't materialize because of that. I have been meaning to email you, but with all of the holiday hoopla..ya know.
PLEASE, let's plan another for Spring...I would for sure be there (Lord willing, of course). Just email me...

Cindy said...

He looks yummy enough to eat.
And you look gorgeous as always.
I rarely want to be on stage in my jammies, so I understand.

Happyhome said...

You are one smart mommy. I have learned over the years there are just some things you DO NOT force...this would be one of them. Looks like you had a good time anyway...not so sure he did though!


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