December 17, 2007

Filled With Christmas Panic

The clock is ticking and I have yet to even purchase a Christmas present. I look at Miss Cindy-Lou with her beautifully decorated home and instantly break out in a sweat.

So my presence here will be scarce over the next week as I kick it into high gear and put all my Christmassy plans into action.

Oh, I'll pop in and maybe have time to tell a funny story or two....I know someone in this house will have to poop within the next week so I'm sure I'll have something to write about.

But you can count on me after the 25th. I'll be here packing a few extra pounds and glad to see the back end of Christmas for another year.

Have a great holiday friends!


Ronnica said...

I can't believe you put "packing a few extra pounds" and "glad to see the back end" in the same sentence.

Best wishes with the Christmas preparations!

Cindy said...

Don't go too far away!! I'll be missing you!

MarianneA said...

This is AWESOME, I didn't know you did this!

Have FUN with all your preparations!

Dana from Toronto said...

I found your site through a link of a link of a link on my sister-in-law's website. I enjoy your site tremendously, quite often it has made me laugh out loud and I will miss it during the holidays! Enjoy your Christmas!

EE said...

Merry Christmas, Gayle!

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