December 14, 2007

Our Creativity Knows No Limits

I decided to let the kids take apart our old faithful telly that died on us a few weeks ago.

And then we decided to find new ways to wear our pajama pants.

We know I didn't participate in that one.


Rachelle said... the pj picture!

Emily said...

oh please stop posting such cute pictures.

I'm feeling homesick for your kids.


Halfmoon Girl said...

That is actually quite a styling off the shoulder look. You could try it on a really, really cold night. My boys would love to take apart a TV- I'll have to remember that for when ours dies.

Mikki said...

Looks like fun!

When we moved a couple years ago, we had an old computer that wasn't coming along. I let my girls pound away on the CPU because it was so old but had personal info on it. Do you know those things actually smoke?! Too funny.

Have a great weekend.

mylittleducks5 said...

What silly boys! Sometimes my boys go in the clean clothes mountain, errr I mean pile and decide it would be so funny to put on as many layers of everyones clothes, including underwear helmets. Your daughter is going to have so many "my brother's" stories.

ConservaChick said...

Gabe did the same thing with his pajamas last week, and said he was Jesus. Halfmoon girl is must be quite styling if even Jesus is wearing it.

It was so good to hear your voice this morning! I hope the shopping trip went well! ~K

carrie said...

That might've been the first time I've laughed all day. And I've seen some weird ways to wear pj pants.

Usually with stuffed animals stuffed down the legs.

Thanks for the giggles.

Jimmie said...

These are great! I nominated you for Funniest Blog. And voted too! Maybe next year. Love your sense of humor!

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