December 12, 2007

So Maybe He's Smarter Than I Give Him Credit For

I live with a big sweaty man who is like a heater in the middle of the night. We start off all cozy when we go to bed, the temperature is just right, my pajamas keep me just warm enough, but the minute the big lug falls asleep he turns into a hunka hunka burning luv

And even though I have a fan that blows on me all night I still end up ditching my pajamas. In fact I just don’t even bother with them anymore. I just freeze until he falls asleep and I wait for the man-heater to start. (I know that I’m the Queen of Too Much Information but I just couldn’t tell this story without divulging that little nugget.)

My kids have learned not to be shocked when they come into my room in the morning and I have to shoo them out before I can get out of bed. And if you’ve ever let your child stay the night at my house, rest assured that the No-Pajamas rule is suspended until your child goes home, and we also pull out the No-Nooky rule that states we “may not have sex while somebody not related to us is sleeping in the house.”

I’m willing to gross out my own children but not yours.

So this morning sweet little Gabe came strolling into my room and climbed up on my bed for sweet morning cuddles and delivered a message very matter-of-factly….

“Mom, God wants you to wear pajamas to bed.”

And my husband answered with a wink….. “Oh, But Daddy doesn’t!”

Hmmm…Methinks it was all part of Chris’ master plan.


Emily said...

you need to write a book called The book of Gabriel.

he pulls out doozies.

oh, and you ARE the queen.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I am sorry Chris, but Gayle needs to be obedient to God first. It seems that He has spoken...via Gabe.

Scott said...

As a minister, it concerns me that you and your husband ignore the words of His prophet Gabe.

Perhaps if you crack open that Old Testament of yours you'll see what happens to the likes of you.

What a contrast to Cindy in her flannel/goosedown/gortex/iron pajamas.

Rachelle said...

I agree with need to write a book!

chickadee said...

i love your son's comment. your poor traumatized children. you know they are going to either expect their wives to sleep naked or it will give them nightmares.

EE said...

You guys crack me up!!!!!!

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