February 6, 2008

Can A Woman's Closet EVER Have Enough Shoes?

My daughter and I were at the local consignment store where we had just dropped off some old kids clothes and received some credit to spend. We bonded as we perused the racks and dug through the bins and had arm loads of bargain clothes, books and accessories. We were ready to wrap up and check out and I realized that we missed a spot.

So I said to Allegra, “Hey, we forgot to look at shoes!”

And she answered me with some of the most painful words I have ever heard come out of my daughter’s mouth…

“Nahh that’s ok, I have enough shoes.”

“ENOUGH SHOES!?!” I shrieked, “What would possess you to say such a heinous thing child?”

And she looked at me with the my-mom-is-embarrassing-me look.

But it’s quite obvious to me that I’ve failed at educating my daughter in the ways of women. Her brothers, who insist one pair of shoes at a time is enough, must have more influence than I have.

At least she learned the chocolate lesson already.


Jennifer said...

No. Not in my world.

Emily said...

an intervention is necessary.

Kathy in WA said...

Gayle - fear not, this too shall pass. My oldest dd (12) loves shoes. Target had their shoes on clearance last month and I bought every pair of 6 1/2 or 7 ladies shoe there. My dd wasn't with me but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to load up on clearance (we're talking 3 and 4 dollars) shoes.

Rachel was thrilled.

My dh, on the other hand, would be happy if I would just that part of "girl bonding" pass by. :)

Sharon-Momn4boys said...

I was perusing the new Lands End Catalog I got the other day, while my DH read the shopper. I said oh look do you like these? Without pause OR looking up he said "what more shoes?"

Uh well....Yeah.

Gayle said...

"Train up a child in the way she should go and when she is old, she will not depart from it."
Rest in that, sister. It will be ok, God's Word says so. ;)
You SOOOO should have called me because I was up!

MaryLu said...

What are kids these days thinking!?
I agree with Gayle, she'll return to the ways she's been taught, I'll add her to my prayer list. Hehe

Cindy said...

I know that hurt your heart. Don't worry; I think you're still a pretty good mom.

maudie-mae said...

You need to come home with me. My mother lives near a shoe factory outlet store. The last time I was there the shoes were $35 a pair (this particular factory wholesales to Macy's, Nordstroms, that kind of place). It's always a treasure hunt to go there.

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