February 25, 2008

Tucks Are A Girl's Best Friend?

So, I meant to get online Friday night before I left town to put out a prayer request. It was the weekend of our church’s marriage retreat and Chris and I were asked to speak.

Not the, “this is, step by step, how you can have a good marriage” teaching but the, “We are going to poor our guts out about our own mistakes and stand naked before you,” kind of teaching.

So fun.

The whole point was, “If we can screw up this much and still make it, well, there’s hope for your marriage too.”

And since you know how much I LOVE public speaking (har har) and how comfortable I am standing in front of a crowd of people and pointing out my most painful moments, you won’t be surprised that my sweet sensitive husband packed me the most romantic gift in my suitcase.

You don’t know HOW much that meant to me.

Because each time I have to publicly speak, I spend the days or hours leading up to it, pouring out my guts….into the toilet…via my nether regions.

But when it was all over, I could have danced! We spent the rest of the weekend walking on the beach, in the sun and nursing me back to health.

So thanks for all the almost-prayers. I know my bloggy family would have lifted me up, if I'd had a chance to ask.

And that's pretty cool!


Emily said...

That title deserves some sort of prize.


So happy to have almost prayed for you.

Scott said...

It does my heart good to know that someone feels it's appropriate to blog about marriage enrichment AND toilet events in the same post.

I give this post 5 flushes.

MaryLu said...

Well, yes, we would pray if you'd tell us!
So glad you hubby was so thoughtful, what would we do with out them, I tell ya?

penguinsandladybugs said...

That sweet hubby of yours!!! I'm glad it went well!

Halfmoon Girl said...

That is so funny. Now that is REAL love. Did you use this story as an illustration in your talk???

Anonymous said...

Yeah for your conference. eeeewwwwww for the too much info part:p
@hsb seekingJesusnTeachingKids

EEEEMommy said...

C.S.Lewis has interesting things to say about prayer, like since God isn't limited by time, we can pray after the fact and it counts. (I'm obviously paraphrasing). Kinda freaky, but I'm praying now for your talk....

loefflermom said...

Walking on the beach with your man! - Sweet!

Glad it turned out well. As a sister in Christ, let me say thank you for obeying what God has called you to do and being real!


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Wish I could have heard it!!! Proud of you, girl.

Gayle said...

I'm pretty proud of you too. I know that must have been hard to do, but you are so awesome to allow others to be encouraged through your experience.
Love you!

marygrace :-) said...

I am the same way; public speaking leave me uh, drained. Good to know that I have a comrade in tucks. :-)

ConservaChick said...

I love how open you are with... EVERYTHING... You know, my boy had the same issue last week and he swears by Desitin (you know, diaper cream). Anyway, I gave the poor little guy Imodium, would it work in your situation? I wish I could have heard you speak! ~K

Leanne said...

Gayle, it's time to post another interesting and enriching post, okay?? I keep checking in, and no new post!!! Do you know what that does to all of us out here who are waiting for another fabulous episode from you?????

Well, do ya???

I sent you an invite, hope you get it soon.....

You guys HAVE TO come!!!!

I need Emily's cell phone number so I can invite them too....I wonder if they'll be back in time...

Random, girlfriend, that's me!!!!!


Barb Shelton said...

It just so happens that I was BLESSED to have been at the event Gayle is referring to here, where her "nether regions" were deeply challenged and overworked!!! And I have to say, Gayle, any pain, discomfort, or downright torture you endured preparing or executing said talk was WELL WORTH EVERY SMIDGEON OF SAID PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Chris did an EXCELLENT job of sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, shall we say, of pouring out your guts!!! But what came out (is my analogy getting a bit too real?) was accompanied by lavish gushes of GRACE and HOPE for all who heard!!!!!! Even if they haven't been through what you two have gone through, they still received encouragement that whatever "very difficult situation" they are going through, God is big ~ and gracious and smart and powerful ~ enough to handle it!!! ~ whether that be by healing or by giving direction on how to get OUT of or THROUGH it!!! So THANK YOU for what you went through, Gayle!!!!! We only love you that much MORE!!!!!

With a big hug,
Barb Shelton

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