March 4, 2008

Blechity Blech Blech!

We are all in various stages of sick here. It seems to be knocking us out two by two, which in a family of six, extends things just a bit. We've spent too many hours sprawled on couches and floors, watching TV and snoozing all day in our pajamas.

The last two days it's been me with the biggest snot collection which I'm convinced contains all of my brain cells too. It seems the more I blow out, the slower my mind is working.

Gabe crawled up in my lap today and since none of us have the energy to do much, we had THIS conversation...

Gabe - "Mom, I want milk." and he sprawls across my lap and weakly looks up at me.

Me - "Oh Gabe, mommy's tired. I'll get you some milk in a little bit."

Gabe - I could see his little wheels turning as he answered me with this, "Mom, do you still have milk in your bras?"

Me - My hands instinctively swung up to cover my chest, " Gabe. That milk is all gone. It's just for babies."

So you see the desperation we've reached at our house.

And I'm doing my darndest to shove Zinc and Ecinacea and Vitamin C and Garlic down everybody because my 36th birthday is this sunday and I refuse to be nursemaid to anyone.



ConservaChick said...

Happy Birthday! A little early. Yeah, that's desperate, however my Gabe would try to pull the same thing... sick or not. He just likes boobs. ~K

mummyjaan said...

Get well soon :).

And happy 36-th birthday in advance!

Gayle said...

Awww, man...I am so sorry y'all are sick. :(
Think's coming soon.
Happy Birthday, too!

JustJuggling said...

Hope you feel better. I thought you were older than me though now I am sad. I bet you can't wait to see Em either. Cassie woke up at 6:30 and has been saying every half hour I can't wait until they are here. Yeah they aren't supposed to roll in until 3:00ish.

Leanne said...


So sorry you're sick! THAT'S where you've been, I get it now! I thought you were out of town or something!

You all will be better by Sunday, after all, that's DAYS away!

I think that sickness is going around the country, it seems that everyone has it but us...crossing my fingers and praying that we stay well...I can't be getting sick at this point!

Take it easy...

BIG cyber-hugs to you for your birthday!!!


JustJuggling said...

I get her for two nights Ha. Ha.
Emily that is.

Stacy said...

Saying a prayer for you that you will be WELL (and everyone else, too!) for your b'day! :)

Funny milk story.


maudie-mae said...

That little boy of yours is too smart, even sick. I will pray for your recovery and for a most wonderful 36th. My daughter turned 22 today and lost her insurance coverage under our health insurance. Get well quick, my friend.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hope you are feeling much, much better by your birthday. I am sick right now as well, haven't been as sick as I was yesterday for years, years!!!

Donna said...

Hi Gayle!
I used to visit your blog over at HSB and am just now reconnecting with several here at blogspot.

I am sorry to hear you all are sick. It really does seem to be hitting the whole country, not that that's any consolation, I know...:( You all have my prayers.

Your Gabe's comment is just priceless!

And Happy Birthday early!!! Two of my daughters have birthdays this week also.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

If I were there, I would totally make you some soup and pick up all your snotty tissues and throw them away. Hope you feel better soon, friend.

Happyhome said...

Oh how I can relate! Our family of six is all terribly sick as well.

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