March 13, 2008

The Neverending Saga Of The Zit

We were driving in the car to a homeschool meeting tonight. I was talking non-stop because I had to speak and I was feeling paranoid and jittery.

And my husband stops me in mid-sentance and says, "Oh honey, I think you have something on your face."

And I'm sure that he just didn't want me to stand in front of a bunch of people, already thoroughly self conscious and nervous, with something smeared across my face. I always worry I've got lettuce (ha, more like brownie) hanging off my front tooth or something.

But then his face changes...and gets red...and he looks away embarassed.

And I realized that I don't really have something on my face that needs to be wiped off. It's the Zit-that-will-not-leave that, again, I think I have covered with enough concealer to, you know, conceal it! But which obviously has not done the trick.

I am SO not telling him the next time he has to speak and his fly is undone!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh dear, you think he would know better by now. I have to say, if it was this evening and he was driving, that must be some zit to stand out! Just teasing- I can sympathize. I never think that it is fair when it happens to me- I already have a billion freckles to deal with- why should I have to have a screaming angry zit to deal with as well. Hope your talk went ok. How is that homeschool class going?

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

It's probably a good thing you had a zit or else everyone would have been so intimidated by your beautiful face that they wouldn't have been able to listen to what you had to share. The zit put them at ease, I'm sure. IF they even saw it.

You are SO beautiful. No zit could change that. :)

loefflermom said...

Life is so not fair. I feel for you. Heaven will surely be zit free. I am still wondering why even in my thirties I am still dealing with zits. You are not alone - not that it makes it any easier to deal with.


randi said...

I will bet that he will think before he speaks, next time! ;)

I imagine that your talk went well? I am sure that people were blessed by what you had to say!

Emily said...

I bet the zit made people think, 'Hey, she's relatable and REAL'.

not plastic-y fake. So THERE.

Leanne said...

Really, now, I have to say this, don't laugh, I REALLY MEAN IT:


And yes, I did examine your face, because I knew if it was there, I'd see it.....

But there was nothing.

And I think you've worked yourself up over nothing. People who look like you don't ever get zits on their faces or brownie or lipstick or lettuce on their teeth, okay??

I totally agree with Cindy~You're beautiful!!!!!


40winkzzz said...

I can relate to your hubby a little on this. When my older daughter was 13, I took her to get her pic taken. She'd been having a lot of trouble with acne. It didn't really bother me, and I thought the pics were fine. However, I "knew" the studio could touch up the pics and thought that might make my daughter feel a little better about them. So good old tactless me sez, in front of daughter, "Now, you'll touch up her face a little, right?"
"Oh, we don't do that," sez the photog-studio lady.

Daughter was now convinced that the pics were ugly and I didn't like them, and refused to let me buy any. Nor was I ever able to convince her to go back there or anywhere else for retakes.

So, yeah. Tell your hubby he's not the only one who's stuck his foot in his mouth on that topic.

Donna said...

LOL about your planned revenge on you hubby....:)

I can't figure out how we get zits really... I had a complete and total hysterectomy 4 years ago and I still get them. I just don't get it.....sigh

Hope it is gone now and you can relax more...:)


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