May 16, 2008

I Can't Seem To Get It Through My Pale Head That, Yes, I Do Sunburn

We had ourselves a wee bit o sun today (90 degrees or so, unheard of in Washington State) and Emily and I lounged in my backyard with sprinkler going, 7 of our 8 kids running and playing, and lots and lots of popsicles.

We considered painting our toenails but instead read magazines and sprayed our frying bodies with a water bottle all day.

Yes, we used sunscreen silly.

But when you’re this pale honey, nothing helps.

I sit here before you, typing on my computer, moving only my fingertips. My shoulders are the shade of a fire engine with the most gorgeous strips of pale flesh where my tank top sat.

And my d├ęcolletage (chest, you ninny) matches.

Not the prettiest look for me.


Halfmoon Girl said...

ouch- been there, done that. With my red hair and pale complexion, I burn even driving in my van! I will be wearing a hat from now till Sept! Hope you are a little less fried looking come morning.

Emily said...

Just THINK how red I would have been if I hadn't slathered myself w/ sunscreen?!


Leanne said...

That's what you get for having so much fun without me!!!



duckygirl said...

two words:



JustAnotherBlogger said...

Wow! Is that really you in that picture? Definitely not a good look for you;)

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