May 13, 2008

Road Trip With My Sister

My sister called me up Monday morning to see if I could go on a short road trip with her. She had found a van/motor home that she was interested in buying but needed someone to drive her car back for her if she decided to get it.

I immediately cleared it with Chris, set the kids up with jobs and schoolwork for the day, and hopped in the shower.

Now my sister and I are pretty different.

She’s older than me, single, no children.

I’m married, lots of kids and as I like to point out often….much younger.

She has the gypsy wanderlust in her and dreams of traveling to outdoor markets to sell her wares, living independent and free, wandering in the wilderness picking herbs and berries.

I want to stay put forever, only venturing out to see the touristy beaches, and grand hotels of the world. My nature walks would include a fresh pedicure poking out of my cute sandals and a Starbucks at the end of the trail.

Our politics are different, our religious world views are different, our choice of men? Well, maybe not so different if you dig down deep.

But the older I get and the more we talk, I realize we aren’t so different on the inside.

We both are strong women with a soft gooey center.

We like to keep our emotions in check.

We are drawn to people who need help and are very loyal friends.

We can’t stand to be confined or told what to do.

We like everything to be our own idea.

We like to live out of the box, or better yet, make our box look unique from everyone elses.

And we both agree that chocolate is a necessity not a luxury.

Now, being that we are seven and a half years apart and the only siblings in the family, our age difference was huge growing up. She was out of the house when I was still really young. So I mostly grew up as an only child.

But we have this newfound friendship of late that has just started blooming, and I’m really digging it. It's kind of cool to have a new friend.


Leanne said...


My mom is my old/new best friend....

We have our difficulties, but hey, don't we with all of our friends??

Let us know all about your road trip when you get back!


Gayle said...

We were only gone for the day to Astoria, Oregon. Land of Goonies and Kindergarten Cop.

Gayle said...

Now we need a picture! Do y'all look alike?
My sister and I have 12 years difference between us.
We have always been very close, but lately, I'd like to choke her for the choices she's making. Sisters can be one of the biggest blessings,though, so I'm glad that you guys got to spend some time together.

Halfmoon Girl said...

My sister and I keep each other honest. Nothing like a sister to tell it to you straight, but also come to your defense.

carrie said...

I find it hard to have a gooey center and to keep my emotions in check. The older I get, the harder it gets. Do you find that to be a conundrum also?

onemoreequalsfour said...

Sisters are so precious! You are very blessed to live close to yours, no matter your differences! I would give anything to live closer to my sisters, who despite some pretty intense arguments as children, are now my best friends!

Randi said...

My sis and I have 7 years between us (I am the cool, older sister!)and we get along very well. Our lives are so opposite of each other, but we really click when we are together!

Emily said...

My sister Abby and I are 16 years apart. She was born when I was a Sr. in highschool. So I guess I beat everyone on the age difference thing so far.

I think it's cool that no matter how long we are apart, sisters end up friends in the end.

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

That is great! My sister and I were 13 years apart, but we became very close in the years before she passed away. Cherish that sister of yours!

Jenny said...

I have 2 sisters. One is 12 years younger than I am, the other is 17 years younger than I am. I look forward to the day that they marry and start families. It's hard to have much in common with a college girl and a high school junior when you're mid-30's. I consider them friends now, but I think we'll have a different type of bond when they're older.

Have fun with your sister!

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