August 7, 2008

Crash, Bang, Boom!

Crash is what my computer has done.

Bang is what my head is doing against the wall.

Boom is what I lowered when I told my husband that I covet one of these.

Aren't they cute?

As soon as I get our back-up computer working (it's a total antique but I'm so grateful to have it) and retrieve all my info on the old hard drive I'll get back to posting regularly. Should be a day or two.

I'm shopping for laptops so tell me which one you've loved the best.


Halfmoon Girl said...

cute post. I love the colors. I no nothin' bout technology and computers, so I don't have any advice on a laptop. Go for your fave color.

His Girl said...

oh, i hate to say this... but reeeeeeallllly research before you go for a dell laptop.

they used to be awesome, then went through a really tough period, and not sure about now.... but last I checked, they are not doing so good in making computers which don't die.

candi said...

I have a Mac Book and I LOVE IT!! It takes a little getting used to going to a mac from a pc but totally worth it!

NJDecorator said...

I have an Aspire laptop and a Dell desktop. I like the Aspire much better. Reasonably priced - found it a Wal-Mart.

Good luck with the data recovery - there is nothing worse than a crashing hard driv.

Emily said...

YOu're such a girl. :)

Just get one before October....please? pretty please?

loefflermom said...

We have a Dell - our next computer will not be a Dell it will be a MAC.


melaniet42 said...

Good luck with the computer search. I got a new Dell laptop in the fall when my old laptop crashed on me. I've loved it so far, and my husband's ancient laptop just died, and he got a Dell also. We've both had great luck with their product and their support so far!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...


You will probably not be surprised to know that your long lost twin (that'd be me) is doing the SAME thing...looking at the SAME laptop.

Now, if you tell me you went with the green one, I am going to seriously squeal and crap my pants.

I want a Macbook like nobodies business, but they are 650 million $$.

40winkzzz said...

Personally, mine is a Toshiba. Only because it was the best one for the money at the time we shopped (last Oct), and a young geek-type who was also buying one verbally confirmed that for us. I like it.

I occasionally have problems with it randomly shutting down on me (no info is ever lost), but I really think that is a VISTA problem, or maybe an IE problem, and not a problem with the computer itself.

Having a laptop is SOOOO nice. I can take it down to the schoolroom or up to the dining room, to piano lessons and football practice and on vacation... But you probably will find yourself spending MORE time on the computer once you have one. Don't tell that to your hubby, though, or he might change his mind...

fromthenarrows said...

Gotta get a mac book. You won't have to worry about crashes so it's worth the money. No viruses either.

Kathy in WA said...

Hi Gayle! I have to tell you I'm typing on my brand new Dell PINK laptop. Okay, so I have to share it with the whole family, still it's in my hot little lap right now.

I've begun a campaign to convince everyone that the laptop is mine. We got it just a few days ago. I try to say, "My laptop..." as much as possible during the day. "I'm going to take my laptop with me tomorrow." "I'm just going to install this game on my laptop."

Dh bought the laptop with a great video card so he and the kids can play some of their cool games, but so far he hasn't actually installed any games. He's starting to get worried about my propriatary nature. Ha!

We picked Dell because of the color. Ha! We thought about going with Toshiba but Dell had a decent price (somewhat low end) but still had a decent video card.

Is this comment long enough?? Ha

MaryLu said...

Flamingo pink Dell XPS 1530.
(With a matching wireless mouse. cute cute cute!)
Which I'm typing on right now.

Berry said...

Hi my name is Rebecca (Berry to some) and I know I'm late in replying, but I saw some of the comments and felt urged to post my own. I ordered the fuschia/pinky colored 1525(Dell) with the flower design on the case around Canada Day when it was on sale, and upgraded the hard drive and processor and a couple other things and ended up with a reasonably fast, acceptable laptop for around 800 bucks, which was my requirement. Although I must say, if I had the cash I would have gone for a Mac.
Having said all that, I will add that I enjoy your blogs (I am trying to be more frugal and your Grocery Cart Challenge blog helps immensely) and look forward to your new posts. Have a great day!

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