August 9, 2008

Generational Blogging

It's no wonder with the amount of time I spend blogging, or talking about blogging, or flying to visit my blogfriends, or saying, "Wait a minute let me take a picture of that for my blog," that my kids have decided they want to blog too.

So I finally gave in and let my daughter start her very own blog and I have to admit I'm getting quite a kick out of getting this little window into her life and seeing my sense of humor flow through her.

And since she said to me recently, "Gosh, mom. Nobody's left a comment for me but you, and you don't count!" I thought it might be fun if you go over and surprise her.

And I swear if you are some weird lurker who heads on over there and is mean to her I will hunt you down and hurt you.

So if you want to know what our life is like from the perspective of my daughter, mosey on over and see.

It's rather enlightening.

First Class Passenger

1 comment:

WendyDarling said...

Very cute!! :-) She is definitely who mother's daughter. :-)

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