August 31, 2008

Evidence That I Am A Participant In The Generation Gap

We just finished watching Disney's College Road Trip with the family and one of the actors was Donnie Osmond. He's in the back seat behind Raven Symone because obviously he's past his prime and only warrants a back seat anymore.

I'm so offended.

So when the credits ran after the movie and we read who all the actors were my daughter pipes up and says, "Donnie Osmond? I know him. He's Emily Osments dad right?"

The maniacal laughter between Chris and I lasted a good 5 minutes.


Randi said...

Haha! I loved watching The Donny and Marie show when I was a kid. I thought Donny was quite a babe, you know.

His character in the movie was such a goofball!He cracked me up!

Halfmoon Girl said...

And I am asking, "Who is Emily What's Her Head?". I guess that makes me old too.

Anonymous said...

No, but she is the sister to the "I see dead people" kid from Sixth Sense.

Kat said...

My 10 yr old and 7 yr old know who Donny Osmond is because I subjected them to watching the Osmond's (50th?) Anniversary concert several months ago!

We just watched that movie last night. A bit cheesey at times, but we really, really enjoyed it!

Happy Labor Day :)

Oh, and we anxiously await a report from the class reunion event ;)

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