August 29, 2008

Can I Lose My Last 10 Pounds By Tomorrow?

Months ago my husband got an e-mail announcing his 20th high school reunion. He couldn’t quite decide whether or not he wanted to go so he just e-mailed a few of his high schools friends and filled out his bio on the reunion website. And I guess when he came to the part about his wife he didn’t know what to say about me so he just stuck my blog address in there and left it at that.

But when my blog traffic began to spike I had no idea what caused it.

And the days and months went by and Chris yo-yo’d back and forth.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“No, it costs too much.”

“But I’d sure like to see Tony.”

“I just found out Tony’s not going so I don’t think I’ll go.”

And even though I was a good sport and said I’d gladly go if he really wanted too, deep down inside I was hoping his gift for procrastination would win out and it would be too late to go. I mean, a girl can only smile for so long at a group of strangers without her lips sticking to her teeth in a freakish grin.

It’s not pretty.

But I’d like to say a big THANKYOUVERYMUCH to two of his classmates, Michelle and Tricia, who sent him an e-mail saying they read my blog, think I’m funny, and think he should pack me up and bring me to the reunion.

You were quite convincing.

I now have to shop for some spanx and a new dress that makes my boobs look perkier, my belly look flatter and my nose look smaller BY SATURDAY!


Miriam said...

Way to go, Chris!!!!!!

WendyDarling said...

LOL.... As one who did NOT attend my 10th, OR 20th high school reunion, I feel for you. ;-)

I am sure you will have a fabulous time though. And, since they read your blog they already know how fabulous you are, and they won't be grossed out by any "poop" story you might tell. :-) It's perfect. :-)

Growin' with it! said...

i don't envy you ONE BIT!

Emily said...

I'm evil. I just want to hear any ghastly story that you might tell afterwards. :)

Scott said...

My 20th will be next year. After you attend, be sure to give us all pointers of what to expect.

I'm mainly concerned I'll intimidate everyone else with my gorgeous wife and photos of the girls (and Cheddar the pup). I'll probably need to go bald and gain even more weight so as not to make everyone else feel bad.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Girl, you will have a great time, and like Em, I can't wait to read the after-stories. ;)

Halfmoon Girl said...

You will look fabulous! Have a great time. I have heard that Spanx work good as well as standing up straight to give the illusion of being 10 lbs lighter- though I don't know that you really need to lose it. Anyways, if you can still move naturally after those two things, have a blast.

Kat said...

I'm sure you'll be the belle of the ball! :)

Sandi (Seelke) said...

Gayle you are too funny! I promise I'll talk to you. :) I went to last night's classmate social and it was a lot of fun. I'll be there at dinner tonight, but Kevin has chosen to stay home with kids.

Terri said...

How cool!! You'll look awsome I'm sure! You still have rockin style - I remember those shoes from you Vegas trip ;-)

I'm lucky I live two plane rides away from my high school so I can get out or those reunions!!!

I look forward to the stories.

Cheers girlie

Happyhome said...

Let us know how that works for ya!

Anonymous said...

I attended my 20th reunion this summer after many "changing of the mind." I also did Spanx, etc. Very stressful. I am glad that I went and my husband even enjoyed himself. Melissa

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle --- I can't remember if we have met or not, but I am a friend of Chris's from High School. (Tell him Chop Chop says hi, he'll know.) Your kids are absolutely darling and one of them looks so much like Chris it is scary. Have enjoyed reading the blog. Please don't take offense, but you're like the Christian version of Dooce, (dunno if you know who she is or not.) Anyway, hi to all and please get in touch if you ever come to Seattle. ~Jason

Anonymous said...

Oh...Jason again. Me (and a lot of other people) wish ya'll could have made it. It was pretty fun, and if you had been there Friday night you could have slow danced while I sang Cool Change by the Little River Band. A few people did, and while it was funny, (Who dances to Karaoke?)It was touching (for me at least) as well and I almost choked up a little during the song. (Glad I didn't though!)

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