December 6, 2008

Marriage And Midnight Ding Dong Runs

It's been a long day here. After coaxing (threatening) to get on the roof myself and clean the moss off before it caves in, my husband decided it was best if he got up there and took care of it. Which turned into two trips to town for supplies, lots of scraping, cleaning out the gutters, and blowing all the gunk that came out of the nasty gutters into piles to throw away.

So when he finally fell into the recliner tonight he was satisfied but exhausted. And how could I resist when he rolled his head to the side, gave me that look and uttered two words..."ding dongs."

The man has put up with four different seasons of pregnancy chips but only from a certain fast food restaurant, Chinese food at 11PM, chocolate mousse ice cream from the only store in town that carries it. I figured it was the least I could do to run to the store and get the guy a package of ding dongs after a long days work.

At least it wasn't the "other" look. The one that says, "You owe me big time and I'll take my payment in marital intimacies, thankyouverymuch!" Especially since I just brushed my teeth for the first time today and it's 8 PM.

So if you follow my Grocery Cart Challenge blog that's $500 in Chris's love bank, $3 added to my grocery budget this week, and 1 narrow marital escape.

And tonight my dirty teeth and I choose the ding dongs.


Big Red Driver said...

Nothing like getting off easy with a ding dong.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I will hire for ding dongs- does he do windows and bathrooms??? That sounds like a great deal to me- well worth the extra 3.00.

EEEEMommy said...

Ding Dongs was one of my pregnancy cravings, and would you believe they didn't sell them in the stores?!?!
You're a good wife!

Latte said...

Ding Dong runs huh? That a funny statement "ding dong runs!"


His Girl said...

I just fell down laughing. like all the way fell down.

awesome post. awesome, awesome, awesome!

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