December 2, 2008

A Warning To Pet-Less People Who Want To Stay That Way

I've tried on pet ownership before and I think I took it too serious. I mean, it was almost that feeling of bringing your new baby home for the first time. I remember sitting on the couch, holding my new infant and crying because all of the sudden there was no nurse to help me. I was the one who was supposed to take care of this tiny helpless baby. And the responsibility scared me.

It was like that with the hamsters, the fish, the lizard and the dog. The overwhelming feeling of, "I could kill this thing if I don't take care of it right," was too much for me. So we got rid of them all promptly. Kids, I got down, but animals...forget it.

So if you've made up your mind that you never want a pet then let me give you a little word of advice...


Just don't.

Because if you do, you'll not only laugh and cry about a stupid book telling a story about an obnoxious dog, but it will plant this seed of discontent about your current state of petlessness.

And you'll start fantasizing about finding a perfect dog like Emily has and all the loyalty and love and cuddles you'll get from it. And then it's over. You'll find yourself at the Humane Society picking up some drooling dog, that pees on your foot and leaves a slobber trail down your pant leg.

It hasn't happened yet but I can't tell you how close I am.


gail said...

been there done that! and can't wait til we move to a place where we can do it all over again. i'm a dog lover thru and thru---drool, pee and all. tho i did have a beagle who ate 2 cell phones in one week! we promptly found her a new home.

Gypsy Trader said...

Gayle ... DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT GET A DOG !!! If you need reminders just call, I have a list of reasons and I'm not afraid to use 'em.

Scott said...

I think my wife has an idea of how to kill two birds with one stone.
With the right size box and the right amount of postage, she could get rid of her barking, peeing shoe-eater, and you could have yourself a brand new bundle of joy covered in fur!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

~childishly chanting~

Do it...Do it....Do it!!!

Love me some puparillomaximosis. And I betcha you would too. I betcha.

Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

I have a Golden Retriever with your name on him.

Call for directions.

Terri and Bob said...

And, definitely DO NOT go see the movie!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Will Marley and Me make me like my dog more?

Emily said...

I think the difference between a really good experience and a really bad one is INSIDE/OUTSIDE.

A dog wants to be with the pack. (you guys)

He doesn't want to be outside roaming free if he has a healthy human family at home. (unless there's hound in him....don't get a hound)

A dog that is always outside doesn't ever really bond with it's pack leaders and members the way he should!

Plus, he's dirty and smelly and who wants to pet a dirty, smelly dog?

So, I'm all for inside dogs that are part of the family. An outside dog wouldn't work for you...I KNOW you. Plus, you don't have a fenced yard and he'd have to be tied all the time.

*look at me...a 2 month dog owner who knows EVERYTHING*

EEEEMommy said...

So if I do read it...will it make me feel better about the dog I already own??? Because if that's the case, I need to read it IMMEDIATELY!!!!

simplysharon said...

Have I got a post for YOU!

I hope that works as a link.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Oh, me too. I got dog fever a few months ago and spent days pouring over the pictures on petfinder and even drug the two munchkins to the pet shelter to try on dogs. I finally found our perfect dog on craigslist. It doesn't always go that way. Sometimes you fall for the wrong dog and then it's worse when you have to get rid of it. If you are going to adopt please make sure it's the right dog for your family. Take everyone to meet the dog. Walk it. Pet it. Feed it treats. Ask a lot of questions! And get some carpet cleaner because you never know.

Happyhome said...

Thanks for the warning. We are petless and plan on remaining so...unless you count Biscuit, the voice activated dog my daughter pooping, shedding or barking. Truly the perfect pet!

MaryLu said...

Thank you for the warning. I'm with you, I have enough trouble keeping 6 kids alive, I'm not throwing a canine in the mix. LOL!
Speaking of funny, my word verification word was berista, (ok, spelled wrong, but I could really use a tall mocha with extra whip right now, Ha Ha!) How did Blogger know?

Cheryl said...

I have six pets and I don't find them difficult at all to deal with. They are a joy. My dog is one of the lights of my life. I could live no other way.

Now 6 way.

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