March 3, 2009

A New Twist To An Old Song

After waking up this morning to find that someone had hacked into my e-mail account and sent weird e-mails to everyone on my contact list, (nice) I knew my day was shot. I spent all day securing my computer (thanks Brian!) and researching the issue so I could put a stop to it. It would be an understatement to say that I was a little cranky.

I was frantic, berserk, Kuh-Razy!

And the kids in my house wouldn't take a hint. The nerve of them to still want to eat, or spend time with me, or to beg me to do school with them. Sheesh.

So when the problem was fixed (i hope) and the guilt of mentally abandoning my kids finally caught up with me, I knew we needed to leave the house and spend some quality time at one of our favorites spots, the library.

Everyone loaded up into the car, excited to finally DO something today, while I gathered the last things we needed and locked up the house. The minute I walked out the door I could hear giggles and singing coming from the car.

And the closer I got, the clearer the words were....

If you're happy and ANNOYING clap your hands. (giggle giggle)
If you're happy and ANNOYING clap your hands. (snicker, snort)

I'm still not quite sure if they were entertaining themselves or trying to make a direct statement about my attitude today. Either way, we sang it all the way to the library.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

how did that happen? that scares me.(not the song, the hacking).

Lishak said...

LOL...that is so funny! It shows they have personality!
Hope your day is better tomorrow. :)

Better catch it! said...

Someone hacked into my Facebook this week too. I hate to say it but I quietly wonder if someone isn't getting info off Blogspot?
(did I just say that out loud?)
I will tell you that about 5 weeks ago Myspace had a HUGE issue with accounts. Not even a bleep on the news about it. (and it was HUGE!)
I always change my passwords every few weeks. It is a pain, but gives me a small sense of security.

EEEEMommy said...

WE could all clap our hands to that too. We discussed your mysterious e-mail at dinner last night. I thought you were either tipsy when typing it, or your computer had been compromised. It just didn't sound like you, so I didn't check out the website. MyChris gave us a mini-seminar on how that sort of thing can happen. Scintillating. I'm glad you got it taken care of.

Jason L. Cheung said...

YIKES! I'm with did it happen and what did you do to protect yourself.

Scare - EE.


Beyond All Measure said...

This is too funny...Reminded me of this....

Whenever Daddy was hungry when I was little he would sit down at the table, pound his fists on the table and sing "Here we sit like birds in the wilderness waiting for Mom to come." I guess it was an old military song. Really bugged Momma. Not sure it made dinner come any faster. Always got us kids to do it too and it was a riot.... esp the look on Momma's face.

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