April 24, 2009


"Chris, I just want you to know that you are the example of who God is, to our kids."

"Hmmm" he says in a 'that's really heavy and serious' kind of way. I know he's probably thinking about the weight of that prospect and the responsibility of the job and how he can do better. He's a serious guy like that.

But of course this is ME talking and I'm just prepping him for a good laugh.

"Because today we were driving down the road and Malachi said to me, 'Mom, I think the rain is like God's tears......and the fuzzy green trees are like his back and chest hairs."

Oh yeah. Daddy's hairy so God must be too.

Completely rational reasoning for an eight year old.

And just for the record, that is NOT my hubby's back.


Dusty said...

LOL! The things kids come up with!

Leanne said...

Oh My Word! I had to comment, since I knew exactly where you were going with your post within the first few sentences!

Thanks for the silent, whoppin' belly laugh!


The Ice House said...

Just gotta tell ya, my dearest sleeps in the "all natural" and while the children do not see him they know this and will say that "Dad sleeps in skin-tight, fuzzy pj's" Boy kids are a hoot aren't they?

The Ice House said...

BTW...I wish you were my neighbor...we could SO be best friends! You're humor is much like my own and it's nice to see a fun-lovin', down to earth, love a good laugh, tease her hubby, mess with her kids, Christian wife and mom! Love it , Love it, Love it!!!!

Diana said...

ewwww that hairy back is the stuff nightmares are made of.

osborneck said...

i say thank the Lord that it was not your husband's back and it brought a smile to my face.

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