June 1, 2009

And This Is My Daughter....Grumpy

Our house is noisy. It just is. There are six of us and if you get us all together in the same room there are usually multiple conversations going on at once. Now, being the Mom, I'm able to have a conversation and listen to another one at the same time. I can ask someone a question, break up an argument, issue chore reminders, and still get back to the original question, all in a matter of seconds.

Years of practice folks.

So, we were all in the vicinity of the kitchen. The kids were talking at the table in loud voices and Chris and I were puttering around in the kitchen. It was noisy and busy and chaotic. I noticed Chris was looking kind of gruff so in an effort to make sure that he wasn't upset with me about something I gently asked, "Honey, are you feeling grumpy?"

I know. Maybe not the smartest question but I asked it in my best June Cleaver voice.


And our house just happens to be full of grumpy as well as multiple other mood swings because we have fresh teens just breaking their teeth on their new hormones. Such a fun....fun....fun time. (eyes rolling)

But just as Chris turned to answer, my daughter said this...

"Huh? Did someone say my name?"

Apparently she thinks her name is "grumpy" now.


Terri and Bob said...

Oooohhh, she left the door wide open for future teasing! This is what makes blogs so fun... a place to record such a delightful memory!~

Emily said...

hahahah! that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy, Lazy and Weepy have been taken residents around here too lately! Enjoy the roller coaster years with your kiddos.....I'm going to try with mine, but I truly DEPISE (hormone) roller coasters (literally).
When your teens' moods are extreme...... send them to a water coaster called Atlantis at Seaworld and make them ride it until their moods and"tudes" get realigned!
Lord,. help ALL us going through this season of patience and longer suffering with our kids ENDURE til the end! AMEN

Leanne said...

Fresh teens just breaking their teeth on their new hormones.....love that!

That was really, really funny!

My kids think my mom calls me Meanie, I guess my nickname that my mom has always called me sounds like that.

Good post!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh gosh- my 12 year old could definitely be called Grumpy today...course, I have my moments too.

KristinBrianne said...

That's priceless. Grumpy describes most teenage girls, or at least it did me and my friends back in the day. She's never gonna live that one down though...and she took the emphasis off of Chris! You really should get her a t-shirt with a dwarf on it or just says Grumpy.

EEEEMommy said...

I have a shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and a Care Bear she can borrow anytime. :) We Grumpys need to stick together!!!

maudie-mae said...

When my daughter was going through this stage, she got incredibly bad PMS. I said something about her PMS and she said, "I DO NOT have PMS, I'm just cranky!!!!!!!!!!!"

But I do want to encourage you, these hormonal years will fly by way too fast and you'll be wishing them back.

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Oh honey, I have her twin here in my house (my oldest) and their brother Lazy as well. Good grief! LOL I try very hard not to laugh in front of them during a hormone surge. I take it to the bedroom. :)

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