March 18, 2007

Losing Teeth The Hard Way!

“Mom, Malachi crashed his bike and he’s bleeding all over!”

Not one of the more popular phrases I like to hear coming from my children. Hubz and I ran out the door to find our six year old son crying while blood oozed out of his mouth. We sopped up the mess and got the blood to stop and were faced with this….

He’d done a face plant on the pavement, and while his skull was protected by the helmet, his mouth was not. His two front baby teeth were pushed in and one was hanging precariously with the roots completely exposed. (I have to put a little disclaimer here. My first thought was IS HE OK? My next thought was where’s the camera, this will be an interesting blog. I’m sick aren’t I?)

We spent an hour on the phone while the pediatrician tried unsuccessfully to contact a dentist on a Saturday. She finally told us we would need to go to the emergency room.

Oh Joy!

We all know that means hours of sitting in a waiting room watching the homeless guy next to you barf into a bucket not big enough to hold a goldfish and praying mercilessly that he will actually get all the barf INTO the teeny tiny bucket.

We were finally escorted back to a cubicle big enough for one, where the nurse told my son to get nekkid down to his underwear and put on a gown. Malachi’s eyes got as big as saucers as he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “Uh, mom, I’m not wearing any underwear.”


Well we waited…

and waited…

and waited.

4 hours in fact. All this time the poor boy was nekkid under what he miserably dubbed “the girl dress” when finally a doctor came in to tell us the dentist was out of town and would meet us back at his office at 10pm that night.


Fast forward to 10 PM.

A very nice dentist met us, took some x-rays and in short order and relatively painlessly, my brave son was holding his two front teeth in his hand. What a night!

We got him home, tucked him in and fell into bed exhausted. Oh but the night wasn’t over yet. Just as I was starting to do that twitch thing right before you fall asleep, I heard a horrible sound coming from the bathroom. My daughter was retching all over the floor. She’d caught the flu.

And I have no picture for that one.


Sarah said...

You have a Malachi too!! Fun!!

(My Malachi is the most prone of all my boys to accidents)

I thought one thing reading this...

Thank God I'm not alone!!

newnorth said...

i love the pictures. At least it looks like he kept high spirits during the day!

My brother once rode his bike into a parked car and chipped his tooth...yea, i never let him live it down, i mean a PARKED car! come on!

EE said...

Awwwww! My daughter lost 1/2 of two permanent teeth and broke a finger in a freak basketball accident when she was 8. Luckily our dentist was at his office, and they were able to get her numbed up pretty quickly before sending her to the er...those incidents are VERY traumatic for all of us!!
Oh, once I knew she was ok, I was kicking myself that I didn't have my camera with me...LOL

Jenna said...

I can relate with three boys. Your little one is adorable and still smiling through it all!
God bless!

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