March 16, 2007

Road Rage At Costco

A few have you have been concerned that I’ve shriveled up into one big raisin of a wrinkle and blown away with the wind, since I haven’t posted since my “Wrinkle” post.

Instead I’ve just been neglecting you all of my wonderful prose….my deep insights…..and my huge amounts of knowledge in all things chocolate.

I’m evil that way sometimes.

To be honest, my life has been filled with papers, receipts, documents, and a very unorganized filing system as we try to file our business taxes that were due YES-TURR-DAY! (Uh, yeah, we filed for an extension.)

I’ve also been dealing with my vast stores of cellulite (must be from all that durn chocolate) and the fact that in a few short weeks it will be exposed in all its pale white glory as spring approaches.

In other news this week, I had a gigantic case of road rage during my latest trip to Costco.


I found myself resisting the urge to scream in the middle of Costco. Not only was I the only one willing to make eye contact and yield to others but am I the only one who thinks you should drive on the right side of the aisle….you know, just like the street?

Nuff said.

Which brings us to today. Hubby and I have planned a 3 mile jog/walk this afternoon…..without kids! (Yes, there is a God!) and then a mouth watering jaunt to the library book sale where all books are 10-25 cents each!!! (again without kids) Books to us are equal or greater than chocolate so this is quite a thrill, let me tell ya.

So…..I’ll leave you with a little something until my next post…..

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