March 10, 2007

My 35th Birthday In Pictures

Yes, I have reached that point where I can no longer say I'm in my early 30's. All birthdays will now move me towards the big 4-0. So I thought I would document my birthday weekend in pictures for those who couldn't be there.....and you know who you are, Em!

My actual birthday was on friday so I met for coffee with my gorgeous friend Sharnessa who probably just toppled out of bed and looked like that, while I had taken a full hour of scrubbing, brushing, drying and stuffing to even look presentable.

Then hubby had arranged for me to have a haircut and weave. (I must be crazy to show you this NAS-TAY picture of me, but I DO like to keep it real,) I look a bit lethargic because me and my tinfoil head had been sitting under the dryer getting rather snoozy.

The hubby AGAIN out did himself by setting up a mani-pedi for me. My sweet vietnamese nail tech must have thought I was crazy when I asked her to take my picture. She kind of missed the point and didn't actually get the pedicure part but at least you can kind of see what I'm doing.

The next day........

Friends had set up a birthday breakfast in my honor. (L to R is my friend Sharnessa (Barb's daughter), Me, Julie, Caren, Barb Shelton (who I blogged about a while back) and Julie) All homeschool mom's!

So now the whole town knows me as the crazy lady who keeps asking to have her picture taken! How vain!

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