July 9, 2007

A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place

Before we go any further and before I show you any pictures I’d just like to say that by nature, I am not a slob. But in my desire to complete a task I can sometimes leave a path of destruction behind. When I weigh “get ‘er done quick” against “get ‘er done perfect” quick always wins.

So when one of my sweet little dumplings approaches me while the phone is propped between shoulder and ear as I set up a babysitter for next weeks much needed date night, and I’m stirring the spaghetti sauce to keep it from burning while simultaneously balancing on one foot as I close the cupboard door with the other, and little dumpling is holding a glass framed picture precariously in his grubby little hands and demands to know where to put it…….my answer lately has been, “STICK IT IN MY SEWING ROOM!!!!”

And for some strange reason, every summer, I get this urge to be crafty right about now. I’ve been pouring through quilt books and craft magazines and now, scrapbooking stuff. I’ve marked pages and made plans and created lists of supplies. But when I walked down into the basement yesterday and crossed the threshold into the sewing/exercise room this is what greeted me.


I spent 8 hours yesterday sorting and tossing and organizing and ended up with a peaceful place of solitude….and the only truly clean room in the whole stinkin’ house especially when you consider the fact that while I was making a mommy-haven in the basement, the kids had free reign over the main floor of the house and it now resembles the before picture of my sewing room.

Big Sigh

So today, when the stress level had reached epic proportions as I vainly tried to figure out how to work my oldest son’s MP3 player after 3 hours of internet searches and unsuccessful downloads, I quietly grabbed a bottle of water, tiptoed down the stairs locking the basement door behind me and sat in my neat and organized room staring…..just staring at my orderly rows of folded fabrics and color coded drawers of thread.


No chocolate required today!


Cindy said...

I will pay for a plane ticket for you to come and work such magic in my home.

It looks great!!! You deserve an entire bag of Dove Dark Chocolate for such hard work!

mylittleducks5 said...

WOW WOW that looks great!! I would be sleeping in that room-lol. Have you read what my house looks like?? What a fantastic organized job you did. I love organization. I am just too out numbered here to keep anything organized. The shelves are a good idea too.
SeekingJesus @ hsb

nsremom said...

I AM AMAZED. It looks professional! the folded fabric is what takes the prize. Good job.

Anonymous said...

looks perfect. I love it when projects come together like that.

Caroline said...

What an awesome room - time to get crafting! I am so impressed.

Leanne said...

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!

That's all I can think of to say!!!!!

I'M relazed looking at your pictures!

I'm motivated to organize my stuff too!!

Thanks for sharing!


EE said...

Impressive! You've inspired me to get to work on my problem areas...and I'm not talking about my thighs!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I spent a minute just looking at your pic as my house is not very tidy right now. I was trying to borrow some of that aaah moment feeling when you accomplish something that looks so wonderful. It looks fantastic!

HeatherJ said...

Wow ... how inspiring. My sewing room looks like the first room. I think I might tackle that project today.

Angela said...

That looks fantastic! Way to go Gayle!

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