December 5, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Has Your Funny Gayle Gone...

I told Emily at our last "in person" visit that if you don't see me blog for awhile, well, then somethings wrong; I'm stressed, Chris and I are arguing, finances are unbearable....something MUST be wrong. So call me and check on me!

But I never considered that I might NOT blog because I can't seem to find the time.

Didn't even enter my mind.

But, dang, if I'm not up to my ears in BUSY lately!

So Em and anybody else who was worried, I'm fine, everythings good, I'm not any more stressed than normal, Chris and I would be pregnant again if it was gauged on how good we were getting along, finances are bearable (right now) and NOTHING is wrong.

Just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Cindy said...

Truly, I HAVE been wondering! And just starting to think about worrying. I've missed you, both posting and commenting. Glad all is well!! :)

Leanne said...

WHEW! I almost gave up checking your blog like 15 times a day! After all, you're one of only two people who can make me really laugh! (the other person is Dave!)

So I'm glad to see you back!

And oh, you and Chris may not be pregnant, buuuuut..............


Emily said...

So glad things are good. Even with the TMI about you and Chris and baby making. :)

and yes, I admit. I've been worrying. But then you'll only get more prayers sent up from the big ol' town of Flagstaff.

so it's a good thing.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I was thinking that you were fighting with Chris and that we were going to get the juicy details. I was slightly disappointed to hear you were getting along. I mean, it is absolutely fabulous, but I am just a sick weirdo tonight who wants to live off of other's domestic gossip. Seriously, I am truly glad that all is well.

~Rhen said...

I hadn't heard from you in a little while so it is good to hear that you are ok and even doing well!
Hope things calm down so you can take a breather. :)

~Rhen said...

PS- You have an award to pick up at my blog my bodacious friend!
(make sure you say that in a sing song voice) :)

Scott said...

Dang. I was really hoping for more drama than that.

How about a hostage situation or an interpersonal conflict with your hairdresser over the specific brightness of a highlight.

Anything less than that and I'll yawn and be forced to go back to "The Learning Never Stops."

Just kidding. Glad that all is well...almost TOO well.

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