December 2, 2007

Will Work For Milk

Can I just say that it is SUH-WEEET when you’re oldest child is able to babysit?

No more $100 date nights (movie + dinner+ babysitter).

No more calling and begging teenagers that have much better things to do with their Friday nights than wipe your toddlers butt.

And no more cleaning the house for two hours before you leave it so that the babysitter isn’t grossed out when she uses your bathroom.

I have to admit, though, Chris and I had been feeling just a wee bit-o-guilt over the fact that we were paying Elijah NOTHING to watch the kids for a couple of hours.

So in the spirit of fairness we posed this question to him…

“What would you like to receive as payment for babysitting?”

And with a daydreamy look on his face he said, “My very own gallon of milk!”

Could life really be this easy?

So last night we stopped off at the grocery store on our way home from a parenting class we are taking and bought our babysitter his very own gallon of milk. It sits on the shelf of the fridge with “Elijah Only” written on the front in permanent black marker, and we often catch him grabbing the jug and drinking directly from it.

No glass!

I’m sure it’s like a dog marking his territory or something, because who would be tempted to steal a glass after he’s swigged right out of the jug?

I’m telling you, mom’s of young kids, there are most definitely some perks to look forward to.


Gayle said...

Hee-hee! That's awesome that milk makes the big kid happy!
I could never leave my 3 youngest with Ty, he would just torture them the whole time or try to catch the place on fire.
I *do* love it when my Mom keeps them though, and she's good to do it if I make supper, so whatever, right?

jewlsntexas said...

That is so great!
However, with the cost of milk, it might be cheaper to pay for a sitter!

Cindy said...

He is brilliant! I'd watch your kids for a pint of Peanut Butter Passion ice cream! :)

What parenting class are you taking??

Halfmoon Girl said...

My daughter is 11 and we will leave her with all the other 3 in the next year or so maybe. Her little brothers can be a handful so I don't think we are ready for a night date yet. She has discovered cash for babysitting as she has already been a mother 's helper for friends. You can't get much more qualified for babysitting than having 3 little brothers with you 24/7, so other moms are just waiting for her to take her babysitting course. Heck, she could teach that thing! Anyways, as I don't know that we will pay her, asking her what she would like in exchange might be a good idea.

EE said...

I'll have to try that with my daughter!

mummyjaan said...

That is so sweet. What a wonderful boy.

Ronnica said...

Do you deprive the poor child of milk so he has to ask for it as payment? But hey, if that's what he wanted...

Rachelle said...

Four more years! I could afford a gallon of milk. These days the babysitter costs almost as much as our date! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, for a twist on YOUR experience. Yesterday Jim and I ran to the ever exciting Office Max and Ross. I didn't want to drag kids and I always have to take the two youngest. (we're pretty far out in the country)

I begged Jim to let them stay. He always says NO WAY. But, after all, what could happen in 1.5 hrs?


I left Sarah in charge of her sisters, and Nate....well, he just watched football and wasn't involved.

I arrived home to my two little girls playing happily in a laundry basket, Sarah finishing up cleaning the sink....where the dirty dishes ONCE where....and Nate....still watching football.

life is bliss.

(I paid her a couple bucks, but I like the reward thing instead....good idea)

penguinsandladybugs said...

I love it!!! LOVE IT!!!! I want to know what class you are taking, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we have just reached that point too. It is so great! We pay her, but only $1 an hour, and only if it's a date (not running to the grocery store or a Dr. appt.). All she does is puts a movie on for the little ones while she reads (sounds like all the babysitters). I told her we'd pay more if she actually interacted with her siblings. She's not interested. ~K

Gayle said...

Hey, I just saw on the news all the rain that y'all are getting up alright?

kari said...

Now, that's a sweet kid that's easy to please. It is nice, when you have an older one to help out like that. We've just started to let our oldest babysit for us every now and then. It's great!

Dana said...

His own gallon of milk? Just so he could drink out of it? I might have gone for that as a kid. Think of the freedom! The pleasure of doing what mom has told you a thousand times not to do...right in front of her while she smiles approvingly?

Principled Discovery

~Rhen said...

That is too funny and oh-so-much to look forward to. Do you think Ms. Serious will be bought by milk? They already want a quarter to run and get something for daddy out of his truck. :)

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