June 12, 2008

I Want Your Sex

Does everyone remember that WHAM! song? I remember dancing and singing along but in all my virginal teenage-dom I truly had no clue what they were singing about.

But now that I’m married and sex fluctuates between thrilling recreation and exhausted obligation I know exactly what they were singing about.

I also know that when there is strain in my marriage all I have to do is try and think back to the last time we were intimate and I realize it’s about time to initiate.

Because sex in marriage is just like marching around the walls of Jericho blowing a horn. Walls come crumbling down, the enemy (and I don’t mean your spouse) is conquered, hearts soften towards each other, and we are more apt to truly listen to what our spouse has to say. We find that whatever it was that caused the distance wasn’t near as important as each other.

I came across this link today and I think this couple might be onto something. They were two busy people sleeping next to each other at night and consumed with responsibilities during the day. They decided to try an experiment where they were intentionally going to have sex everyday for 101 days in a row.

Just thinking about that makes me sore and tired.

But this is what the result was from their experiment…

"We touch more,” said Doug. “We would have entire days and maybe had a peck at the end of the night, and that was the only time we touched. During the 100 days, it wasn’t just the sex; we were hugging each other, and that has carried on.”

“What we really learned is that we have to take care of each other more and pay attention to each other in ways that we haven’t since the early days of our marriage,” said Annie.

Sex is a powerful God-created unifier in our marriage.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a few things I need to take care of. (wink, wink)


TAMI said...

Too funny ~ the Munchkins are tucked in bed and I just told The Engineer "We should definitely have sex tonight." Not only was he in agreement, but now I see you are too! That makes it unanimous ... and I won't plan on reporting back tomorrow about how it went!! =)

jewlsntexas said...

Oh wow - I started watching Eli Stone because George Michael was going to be on!! Isn't that funny?
Can I make my grocery list in my head? JUST KIDDING!
Um yeah - and I am wondering how that 101 day thing goes when someone gets sick, is tired or Auntie Flo gets between you? Hmm.
I am not trying to be a nay-sayer about the importance of relations at all - but I have questions. Lots of questions.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Surely in that "101 days" couple there were multiple wives? Concubines?

Sarah said...

I feel very much the way the couple that were intimate for 101 days! My husband and I are working on another baby and because of our dilligence I have not felt this good in a long time. Our relationship has been changing for the better and it feels wonderful.
Thanks for the great post and on a touchy subject.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Very interesting. This time of year especially, it is a super busy, exhausting work schedule around here. Sometimes we do have to commit to getting "busy" later, otherwise we fall asleep on the couch before bed and feel too tired. We have never regretted making the effort!

Halfmoon Girl said...

BTW, your title got me over here in record time- I was like" oh, this is going to be good!!"

Emily said...

You should change the title to a little star in place of the 'E'. My filter wouldn't let me over here. I bet others will have the same problem.

BUT....see how diligent I was? I TURNED OFF my filter JUST to read your post.

Gotta GROW with it said...

yay! someone who's not afraid to talk about sex on their blog! way to go girl. so very very true about how it brings down walls. the whole 101 dealie though...that MUST have been a guy's idea?! no matter what though, its a great reminder how important it is in our marriages, even if we are too tired!

Mamas said...

I made the ridiculous mistake of mentioning your post to my hubs...Oiyh. He's entirely convinced that we made that same commitment. Don't know where I was for THAT conversation!
Anyway...Great post, thanks for sharing.

Happyhome said...

I saw that article yesterday and my first thought was, "How exhausting!" Actually though, I think they're on to something. It certainly causes closeness in so many other areas as well.

I think my husband would be thrilled!

MOMMY said...

101 days in a row is a bit much but I can see where they are coming from. When I was pregnant with our last child we were very "active" and our relationship was the best ever!

Recently things have not been as active as we are so so busy and tired with a toddler, three young kids, and a new puppy. It takes a toll-looks like a commitment is in order-thanks for kickin' me in the butt!!!

Gayle said...

Heh-heh...Sarah said "touchy subject" :D
Sorry... I am so junior high.

mom0ktdid said...

I want to know about the "aunt flo" question too...that was the first thing that came to mind since that is a VERY yuck time for me in every way!
Any ideas? My husband forwarded the link to this news story and suggested we give it a try. I just can't figure out the 101 day thing with the "hurdles" that come once a month?! (found your blog through various links btw)

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