June 11, 2008

Teaching High School

We are wrapping up a near non-existent school year in our homeschool this year. The overwhelming stress of business ownership and POVERTY has left me little energy with which to teach my offspring. Lucky for all of us they love to learn and read anyway, so they have continued to learn while I have continued to breath.

But the scary fact is that come September I will have two middle school students along with my two elementary students.

Time to get serious folks!

It seems that Jr. and Sr. high school is when most of us homeschoolers begin to drop like flies from the ranks of the homeschool hall of fame. So I’ve needed a little motivation and encouragement as well as some practical help on record keeping and requirement filling and not freaking out-ing.

And I’ve found it in this amazing, incredible, awesome book!

Oh Lord, how I love Barbara Edtl Shelton.

Here’s a little excerpt that jumped out at me today. It meant so much that I actually WROTE in the book. That is unheard of for me. Books are sacred, never to be bent or spilled on and surely not to be written in.

It was that good…

“I believe that the thing of greatest value that I have to give my kids is a passionate love for God. A pretty radical statement, but I firmly believe that this intimate love is what constitutes the only soil healthy enough for all our ‘head knowledge’ to be planted in and grow from. Planted in any other soil, knowledge will only turn rancid and barren and fruitless. Without passionate love for the One from who all knowledge came in the first place, ‘education’ is like clanging cymbals without song; noisy and pointless.”

If you are feeling freaked out about homeschooling through high school go check out her book here.


Emily said...

Love it. Living it. Getting it. Good.

Barb Shelton said...

Oooooh, Gayle!!!!! I'm soooo glad my book is blessing you!!!!! God has SOOOOOOOO much more GOOD STUFF in store for you!!!!!!! I love you, my dear sis!!! And am SO thankful and glad that God has brought you into my life!!!! (Literally! ~ as in I got to sit next to her at church tonight!!! And hug her ~ yes, in PERSON!!! And I assure you that Gayle is as awesomely wonderful in person as you might think she is from reading her stuff!!!!!!!)

With a big hug,

EEEEMommy said...

That's what it's all about. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Mae said...

I'm freaked out and I only have a three old to start homeschooling!

I can't even THINK about jr. or sr. high. (But when I do, I think I'll go get this book!)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, Barb really likes you! This is a great quote and thought. It is SO TRUE!

Duckygirl said...

That really is a quote worth writing down! Thanks for sharing :)


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