December 3, 2010

Proper Placement of Boogers

I had just woke up and stumbled upstairs. The immense amount of energy it took me to do this directed me right to the big over sized chair in my living room so I could rest again. I grabbed the nearest dog, Lady our new little cairn terrier, and began to stroke her fir. I petted her and spoke sweetly to her but suddenly her smooth fur was interrupted by a crusty lump. Now, she's pretty low to the ground so it's not unusual for her to pick something up as she's dragging herself around outside and carry it around in her coat for a few hours. I felt it my duty to get it off. The funny thing is that when I pulled it out of her fur and looked at it, it looked familiar. I'd seen it somewhere before. Upon closer inspection I realized just where I'd seen it and numerous others like it. Dangling from one of my boys fingers...and now it was dangling from mine. Yes, one of my boys had recently dug it out of his nose and wiped it on the nearest thing....which happened to be Lady. Poor doggy.

So my morning started with a lesson in hygiene....and self control. I did all I could not to holler this at the top of my lungs while I looked for a kleenex to take care of my own finger.

"When you find a booger dangling from your finger...please dispose of it properly."

I didn't even want to start with the "don't even PICK your nose" part.

Baby steps.


Tracy's corner said...

poor dog!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Ewww! When we painted my brothers old room to turn it into an office for my dad, there was this whole ROW of boogers stuck to the wall right next to his bed.

At least he was organized with his boogs?

Azlynn said...

hahaha!!! boys are soooo gross! I have one also.

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