July 19, 2011

Don't Ever Let This Kid in the Kitchen

We are just a little bit addicted to reality TV. Not the trashy stuff but things like American Pickers and Take Home Chef. When my little boys were gone for a week for the annual summer grandma-cation, all the teens and I did was watch HOURS of reality TV. I'm not even exaggerating. HOURS! Like don't shower for a few days, stay in your jammies, and eat every meal on the couch.

Not my finest moment.

So when little boys came back last night (Yahoo, I really missed them!) we were slowly detaching ourselves from the hunky Curtis Stone (Oh, shut up...he's adorable) and had just a few more episodes so we could wrap up our reality marathon. Curtis was getting ready to make homemade hot dogs when Gabe, all cuddly on my lap and still smelling of campfire even after I had just scrubbed him says,

"I know how to make hot dogs. All you need is Hotness and Dogs."

I'm so happy he's home but he's not allowed in the kitchen.

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