July 22, 2011


We've wondered lately if we have another lactose intolerant person in the house so we've been testing out different foods to see what we can come up with. After a long night of bellyaches and a very uncomfortable kid I'd say it's pretty much confirmed.

Poor Malachi.

This morning after he slept in to make up for his long night, he came upstairs to find me.

Sad and a little dejected at the fact that he was going to be joining his father on the no ice-cream, no cheese, no milk-after-your-brownie diet he said to me, "Well Mom, I guess my weakness is dairy."

To which I replied, "Well, every superhero has a weakness, sweetie."

The ear to ear smile and giant wordless hug from him assured me that I'd said the right thing.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

definite bingo with those wise words!

you are such a great mommy!

Kari said...

very very sweet. I have read that Kefir can help this situation. :)

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