August 1, 2011

Sister Love

Being the only girl in the house has sometimes been a challenge for my daughter but at nearly 15 she's weathered it fairly well. I've loved the bond we've shared, since we are both so outnumbered with varying degrees of testosterone. It's been fun to share our love of pedicures and bargain shopping when we are the only two that truly appreciate it. And when PMS hits, we cuddle up together with a good chick flick and soothe ourselves with goodies. The boys know it's best to give us a little more space than usual.

But you know what? A sister never outgrows her need of brotherly affection. I overheard this conversation today and it just warmed my heart.

"Psst. Gabe. Come here," Allegra says and then she whispers something in his ear.

"What did you tell him?" I asked.

With a big grin she says, "I told him he was my favorite brother because he's the one that still gives me kisses."


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh that is so sweet! you're making me not as scared to have a girl (not that we know yet).

Lindsey said...

I grew up as the only girl in the house (with 3 brothers). I have to say I loved it because I had an extra special bond with my mom. Enjoy! :)

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