September 22, 2007

Just Imparting Nuggets Of Wisdom To My Boys

In an effort to prepare my sons for marriage I feel it’s important to lay the foundation for living with a woman.

Case in point…..

After dinner tonight the first question out of the kids’ mouths was, “What’s for dessert?” And since dinner consisted of the weeks leftovers and cooking was not on the agenda, I laughed in their faces a bit maniacally, and turned my attention back to the delightfully educational family movie we were watching….Elf.

Elijah (12) said, “I noticed you had a package of Reese’s in the “parent only” cupboard. Could we split those between the family?”

Again, more maniacal laughter.

“Sorry, Elijah, those are strictly for medicinal purposes.”

“What’s medicinal mean?”

“They are my medicine and I won’t share!”

“But Mom, kids survive on sugar. We need some!”

“Sorry Elijah, but Mom’s survive on chocolate and it’s best you tuck that little gem away to rely on after you have your own kids. You’ll be wanting to keep your wife’s cupboard stocked at all times!”

(Husbands head nodding in agreement so hard that he looks like one of those bobble headed hulu girls on the dashboard….well, minus the bikini.)

I’m sure that tonight, after the kids go to bed and I’m free to dive into my bag-o-medicine I’ll sit back, completely satisfied that I’ve completed the task of preparing my son for marriage. I mean, really, is there anything left to learn after the chocolate lesson?


laura said...

Chocolate is medicinal for so many purposes! Great gem to pass along :)
Oh and I don't know if Leanne passed it along but we found Dave's music here:


Sharon - aka momn4boys said...

I have a bar of Doves Chocolate hiding in the fridge. I thought I was the only one who won't share her chocolate with her sons. So now I can release the guilt right?

Go Grace! You are my guilt releasing friend tonight!!

Kathy in WA said...

Perfect - along with "Put the toilet seat down." Teach him those two pieces of wisdom and he will always have a happy marriage. :)

Duckabush Blog

EmmyJMommy said...

What a wonderful lesson to teach! and who would have thunk, a "parents only" pantry! Oh! I must set one up!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I will be returning to yours often!

Shan said...

Oh that's funny.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Not much else that I can think of, except NEVER, EVER say, "Oh, I get it, it's your time of the month!"

Gayle said...

I am dying a slow torturous death here and it is only day dadgum 1. Kill me now...better yet, give me some of that chocolate so that I can at least die happy.

carrielouise said...

You sound so much like me with the maniacal laughter it's a little scary. The similarity, not the laughter.

nsremom said...

medicine....haha. Yep, it sure can be.

Leanne said...

Yes, spas even offer chocolate facials and chocolate body massages.......check out Origins for some chocolate scrubs and lotions!

Oh my! Laura referenced a link to Dave's music in her comment on here! I didn't know!

Dave figured out how to post a link on my blog to his music, so it's now on here for you all to listen to.....I won't bore you with how I feel about his music!

Have you tried Dove chocolate?? MMMMM!!! I love their dark chocolate candies filled with raspberry flavored caramel!!!! OOOOOOOH! One of those little babies keeps me sane each day! :~)

Anyway, hope you have a great night!


Homeschool Housewife said...

I am into butterfinger lately as my treat for a hard day. Before this it was Milky Way. I hide them in the back of my nightstand. I tried having a cabinet in the kitchen, and while no one admits to eating them, they disappeared. We may have really smart mice who steal entire mini candy bars from the long package without tearing it. They leave behind no crumbs and throw the wrapper in the trash. Maybe if I call it the parents only cabinet and hide my husbands Sweet Tarts in there he will let me get a lock.

Thanks for the smile!

Rachelle said...

Love it! The chocolate lesson, along with halfmoon girl's advice, is all they really need to know. :-)

Cindy said...

My dentist actually told me last week that dark chocolate is good for teeth! They may come out with a chocolate toothpaste. I'm hoping they start handing out free Dove candies instead of free dental floss.

Wish we could meet up for a dose of medicine together!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh yes, excellent life lesson to learn! Go on mom!

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